A Day in the Life (warning: super exciting)

Day 15: A day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day – this could be “a photo an hour” if you’d like)

Nope, no pics for this here post. I know this is a cardinal sin of blogging, but I was not prepared to be taking a picture an hour, and I operate in the stone age without a smartphone so there’s no snap and quick upload option. Profuse apologies, dear reader(s).

I get up somewhere between 5:50 and 7:00 a.m. Dominic decides when we get up for the day. Depending on the rotation, Paul is possibly still sleeping, already awake or gone for the day. I feed the bebe and we’re off!

Next he goes in the bouncy seat while I make and eat breakfast. I read the blogs/news while doing so. Dominic usually ends up in my lap, and after a while he wants to do something more fun, so we go hang out on the floor in his room. We read some books and then I try to make him nap. If it had been a long night, I’ll maybe nap while he does.

After Dominic wakes up I shower and dress and feed him some “real” food. He’s loving the squash and sweet potato lately.

The rest of my day is occupied with entertaining the litle man. We’ll take a walk (or walks), play on the floor, sit in the kitchen/make dinner (he makes dinner while I sit in the kitchen), play on the floor, read books, struggle against/put down for naps, etc. While he’s napping, I usually read, eat or clean the various messy areas in the house. Dominic doesn’t usually nap for more than 30 or 45 minutes, so those tasks aren’t big.

We wait for Daddy to come home in the evening, which I’m pretty sure is the highlight of Dominic’s day (if Daddy comes home before his bedtime). Paul (aka the Fun Parent) will often hang out with Dom while I finish up dinner, and then we eat. Dominic goes down for bed between 7 and 8, then Paul and I have our chill time. We don’t make it very late because TIRED.

Sooo this is my typical SAHM day. Sometimes we go visiting family or hang out with a friend for lunch. It’s tough to do a whole lot when your day has to end at 7, but ’tis a season.


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