Picture Picture

Day 17: A favorite photo of yourself and why

This is a tough one. No one picture of me jumps to mind. And most pictures of me have someone else in them (except for wedding photos, of course. Tons of pics of just me. Ain’t  no forgettin’ who’s getting married here).

So after sifting through some of the pictures of me readily available, I present you this:


Mostly because it’s hard to catch a genuine, spontaneous smile on camera, because of the crazy snow, because Paul’s in it with me, and because I didn’t have to look too long to find it. I was pregnant in this picture (with less than a month to go) so Dominic’s technically in it too. It was a happy day spent with my family celebrating Christmas.

P.s. the title of this post is a nod to my favorite feature on Mr. Rogers. Love me some videos of crayons being made on a mechanical assembly line.images


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