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Day 19: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them

All right. Time for an admission.

I read mom blogs.

Phew! Glad I got that off my chest. It’s impossible to deny when I look at what blogs I like to read. But you know what? This is probably going to turn into a mom blog. They say to write what you know. Right now, that consists of a lot of poop and a limited vocabulary. But hey, it’s whatev. Not even going to worry about it.

Favorite blogs:

1. I Have to Sit Down. The author is a Catholic mother of nine: go ahead and make plenty of assumptions about the contents of this blog. You’re wrong. She’s hilarious and snarky and concise. Most of the posts are links to her work on an online newspaper, but this blog still remains firmly entrenched in my reader.

2. Get Religion. The title of this blog is based on a quote by William Schneider in which he says the press doesn’t get religion. The meaning is that the media is very ill-equipped to deal with religion in their news stories. I TOTALLY agree. The site is run by Terry Mattingly, who also runs a journalism school in Washington, D.C. I studied there for a semester and loved it and I think Terry’s theory about why the media sucks at reporting religion is correct: not enough diversity. His solution is to bring Christian kids to DC and teach them about journalism in the journalism capital of the country, and not so he can teach them to write for Christian publications, but so they can be knowledgeable in the secular media. The blog is an analysis of how current news stories treat the religion angle. It’s great. (So is that program. Maybe you should check it out, if you’re a college kid interested in journalism? The WJC)

3. Camp Patton. Oh the camp. I so look forward to when this blog is updated. The author is a mom to three young kids. She’s very honest about the interesting difficulties that come with raising her young, especially with a resident husband who’s not often home. But she’s so funny! Believe me! She usually writes about what happens in a day, and sometimes I lol. Which is rare for me.

4. Catholic Vote blog. News & commentary on Catholic stuff. Because I like news and all the Catholic things.

5. Set Apart. Full disclosure: author is kind of a best friend. BUT, she’s not giving me any money for adding her to the list (but she can if she wants). She is a good writer with wonderful things to say and an excellent perspective on the human heart because she works closely with kids these days. And I’m hoping she’ll blog more now that my huge reader base has been sent her way. (nudge nudge)


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