All-Aboard the Struggle Bus

Day 20: Get real. Share something you’re struggling with right now.


So that whole, “get real” part of the prompt is really throwing me right now. It kind of makes me think of something you’d see on a crappy magazine cover. “Get real about why your life sucks!” No thanks.

Plus, no offense blogosphere, but we’re only just getting to know each other. We don’t even know what this blog’s future looks like. I’d rather not go spilling my guts and getting real with you. Not on only day 10 of my blog-every-day run, anyway.

But I can honestly say one thing I’m struggling with right now is time management. And you’re probably like, “that’s ridic. Your typical day seems super low-key and you don’t have regular work days.” Truth, hypothetical reader. However, I struggle with the lack of scheduling that comes as part of such a day. (See here.) If I knew when I was going to get up every day, and when the cutest-of-all-babies was going to nap, and for how long, I think I’d be more productive. But we’ve already established this in the previously mentioned post.

So, nothing earth-shattering here. Truly, I would not have posted today had I not committed to doing so. To make up for it, a video of goats shouting like humans.


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