Day 23: Things you’ve learned that school won’t teach you


Kind of ironic, because school is supposed to help you become more responsible for yourself, especially as you go higher and higher in your education. But the responsibility I’m talking about is more about being responsible for others. Most obviously I’ve experienced this since becoming a mother. There is a whole, brand new person I’m responsible for. I have to make sure he stays clean and fed and all that. But I’m also responsible for his well-being as a complete human person, something I’m sure I’ll encounter more of as he grows. My husband and I are most responsible for shaping him into the man he’ll become during his most formative years. Scary.

Also, in a way, I’m learning responsibility toward the person I’ve chosen to love for the rest of my life. I’m supposed to help him be his best self. Since I’ve promised to join my life with his, I’m responsible for doing my part to help us build that life into something we both love and cherish. It’s not just me I’m looking out for anymore. Our family is now our number one priority.

In school you learn a lot about getting stuff done on time; not failing; working hard and taking ownership of the work you produce. Those are important lessons, but they all revolve around you taking care of you. If I did fail in school, there were others who would be disappointed in me, but I was always the person who took the biggest fall for my failings. Now there is so much more at stake. It’s intimidating and awesome. It’s quite an adventure.IMG_0861

Postscript: Speaking of my husband, when I mentioned today’s subject to him, here’s what he had to say:

“How to merge onto the highway. You don’t learn that in school. You learn that on the road. The road of life. …How to fry an egg. …How to swindle someone in a deal. …You don’t learn how to hold in a fart in school. …How about how to change a tire?” 



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