Frowny face. 12 days into my blog-a-day run, and I didn’t blog yesterday. I could go making all kinds of excuses for why I didn’t, but that’s not what hardcore bloggers do.

But I’mma do it anyway.

My awesome sister, who is a religious sister with this order, has been in town visiting our family. She hasn’t been home in a year, so we are all pretty pumped to see her, and yesterday we spent the day together, and our visit lasted into the night. (That’s about 10:30 in mom-speak.) There was no way in hades I was going to blog after that, so, voila. No post. And after I’d joined this link-up. For shame.

Family time. Not blogging time. Sorry.

Family time. Not blogging time. Sorry.

Although it is tempting to simply skip yesterday’s topic altogether:

Day 24: Your top 3 worst traits

Not following through, I suppose?

Okay, for reals:

1. Procrastination. I don’t want to brag, but I’m pretty amazing at procrastination. “Panic is my muse” was my motto in school. It seemed that the good stuff only got squeezed out in the wee hours when it became do or die. (I do exaggerate, I suppose. You’d have to ask my professors if that’s actually true.) Maybe this is why I wanted to go into journalism: something about that eleventh hour pressure that makes you just do it.

2. Indecisiveness. This is the phlegmatic part of my personality type, though it’s overridden by the melancholic part; that part tends to freak out about little things and take the bigger things (generally) more in stride. Therefore, I can be super indecisive about little things. Like: what movie do you want to watch, food do you want to eat, place do you want to go. And I’m all, eh, I don’t care. And sometimes the asker really wants an answer, and I just really don’t want to give one. It’s kind of dumb, and it kind of happens a lot.

3. Reception of feedback. The compliments I don’t trust and the criticism I take personally. This was tough in school, as an English major, when it came time to face the comments on my writing. I never liked sharing what I wrote anyway, and I didn’t like having to face the constructive criticism that came my way. I’d often brush off the positive comments too, which didn’t help me recognize my strengths and focus on developing them. Still learning.

There you have it! I’m sure those aren’t my top three worst traits. You can get to know me in person if you’re super interested in finding those out.

Hopefully I’ll get myself caught up and back on track with the posting. Until then, be sure to wait without holding your breath.


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