Day 25: Something someone told you about yourself that you’ll never forget (good or bad)

When I was thinking, during the day, about what I might want to write about for this prompt, I was remembering it incorrectly. I thought it was only supposed to be something someone had said that you never forgot… not something about yourself. Fail. So my idea, which was suggested by my husband, doesn’t apply.

Or does it?

You decide, intrepid reader.

It was November 14, 2009. Paul and I were sitting on the roof of my apartment in DC, where I was studying for the semester. He had come to visit for my birthday weekend. It was chilly and the stars filled the sky above us, and he told me I love you. It was a big moment for us because we were definitely consciously not saying it to each other until that point. Our phone conversations ended with an awkward, “I miss you!” (Or more likely, “I miss your face!”) But tonight, he said it and I was like, woah. I think the first thing I said after was, “really??” But I quickly recovered with an “I love you too.”

When Paul finally said it, it meant a lot to me and filled me with joy. I knew what was behind those words and that he meant all of it, so at the end of the day (or this post), I consider those words to mean something about myself. I still do, every time he says them.


Postscript: I originally rejected this subject idea as too saccharine for the blog. But I had no other ideas. Therefore, your daily dose of sappy.


2 thoughts on “Words

  1. it’s not sappy, it is beautifully cute! You should not be afraid to be “sappy”! Remember God created us with emotions….they are not bad in and of themselves! I thought it was a beautifully romantic post! Thanks for sharing!

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