Day 31: A vivid memory.

So I’m trying to think about what I could post today and I’m struck by the poor quality of my memory. I thought, something monumental like Paul’s proposal would be a good topic, but my memory of that occurrence is amazingly vague – not what you would call vivid. Apparently I’m bad at vividly remembering even important things in my life.

I suppose the most vivid memories I have come in moments; they stand out in quick seconds and flashes of feeling that accompany what happened. So the moment when Paul knelt down and started asking… or the moments during cross country races when I wanted to DIE, or more so the moments when the finish line was thisclose and I had to push right across…and that awesome relief when I finally stopped…or the thousand moments during our wedding day when I mentally pinched myself because it was so full of happy…or the moment I first saw Dominic…or the moment I first spoke to a woman when I was sidewalk counseling…or the moment of spontaneous, loud, unrestrained laughter while studying with my friends…and on and on and on.

Since life is essentially made of millions and billions of moments, it makes sense to me that my vivid memories happened in snatches, and each slowly changed and shaped who I am in this moment, like shifting sand. Here’s to many, many more.


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