So…What Do You Do?

Day 6: If you couldn’t answer with your job, how would you answer the question, ‘what do you do’?

If you consider taking care of Dominic my “job,” the answer here is, not much.

If by “job”  you’re talking what’s-your-day-job, outside-the-home occupation, then I have more of an answer for you.

What do I do? I’m building a little boy’s home, trying to figure out day by day the best way to do that. I change a lot of diapers and feed a hungry mouth many times a day. I sing a lot of weird, nonsensical songs. I do a lot of rocking. And swinging. And humming. I take walks, sometimes multiple times a day, and make a lot of crazy faces. I’ve become an expert bath-giver, and my multi-tasking skillz are increasing daily. I think I’m getting stronger, with baby benching and car-seat hoisting and standing-up-with-a-baby squats. I do many of the same things every day, but often don’t know what the next day will hold. This work doesn’t end after I go to bed at night and the day often starts very early.

It’s crazy rewarding and very challenging. Nothing I studied or practiced could have prepared me for “what I do.” I hope I’m getting better as time goes on, but mostly, I hope I can appreciate the uniqueness of every day.



One thought on “So…What Do You Do?

  1. You are doing the most important “job” a human being can do! It is not a cliché answer either! It really and truly is THE MOST IMPORTANT gift you will give to humanity! No pressure of course 😉
    You are a great Mommy! God created the three of you for each other for His purpose!

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