Day 7: The thing(s) you’re most afraid of.

If the point here is to talk about real, tangible things, I’d have to go with large spiders. If you want intangible things, I’d have to go with accidentally nicking an important blood vessel while shaving and bleeding to death in the shower.

My guess is that large spiders are much more of a threat. They can sneak up on you and hide in your stuff. They can crawl on you as you sleep. They can enter your home uninvited. The only thing worse than an uninvited guest is a large, hairy, many-legged uninvited guest. Can you really argue with that logic at all?

Accidentally bleeding to death is probably more unlikely than a chance encounter with a large spider, especially if you’re careful. But no amount of caution can prevent large spiders.

Public service announcement of the day.


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