The Grand Finale

Day Whatever: I do what I want.

So I posted Day 9 the day after I was supposed to post it, then failed to post Day 10 later that day…then decided to give up altogether. A few days later I noticed that Day 10 was supposed to be my last day, but I had already given up. So there is the anti-climactic end of my 31-day blogging challenge. Closing thoughts: it ended up being too much like a school assignment, including the way I often blogged at the last second at the end of the day. I’m glad I had to write every day, because sticking with something even when you don’t feel like it is good for you, but I also hated some of the prompts and was super tempted to skip those days altogether.

Conclusion? Not sure. But here’s a list of words/phrases that have made Dominic laugh recently. The window of time in which these words make him laugh is usually small; what’s funny today is not funny tomorrow, and definitely not funny if I’m trying to make him laugh in front of other people. I’ll try to go in chronological order.

“Sneezy baby!” (said after a sneeze, of course)
“Gah boo gah boo gah boo!”
“Squash!” (mostly funny if said while feeding pureed squash)
“Sheepy sheep sheep!”
“Oofa doofa doofa!”
“Sleepy mommy! [snoring noise with snorts]”

The end.


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