Lazy rainy day

This morning I woke up with a strange itchy lump on my arm and my allergies still raging after a rage-fest which began with a romp in the grass yesterday. It was dark and rainy outside and I’m pretty sure Dominic was awake before 5:30…but I like to pretend I can’t hear him until 6:00. No day should start before 6 a.m. I began hoping the itchy lump was a mosquito bite, although that would probably mean a mosquito was loose in the apartment, because the thought of any other insect getting close enough to my person to inflict a bite makes my skin crawl.

Today wasn’t all bad, though. Dom and I made a fun trip to CVS, during which it started raining with the fury of a thousand rains. We were hanging out awkwardly, strolling around the aisles and trying not to look like shoplifters. I’m still glad I’d already made my purchase (Cheerios, bottled water and a bottle of Flonase Paul ordered for me suggested I get for my allergies) because something about entering a CVS makes me think I need ALL THE THINGS. Dominic was a champ, though! He was quite congenial despite the delay, patiently enduring the strangers who decided to talk to him. And let me just tangent away about that. As an introvert who despises small talk anyway, I’m at a complete loss when strangers start talking to my baby. Today a guy who was also waiting for the rain to abate came up to the stroller and started talking to Dominic who, for obvious reasons, is not going to make his speaking debut in a drugstore in front of an audience. The guy didn’t even say anything to me! What am I supposed to do in this situation? Do I speak as though I am Dominic? Make inane comments about his developmental milestones? Urge Dominic to speak even though I know quite well he doesn’t? I usually do one or all of these things. And it’s always awkward.

Thankfully it didn’t rain crazy hard all day and we took a walk later, but it was too wet to do our new favorite activity: outside sitting. Dominic can basically sit by himself now, if someone is nearby to prevent toppling, so sometimes we’ll grab a blanket and sit in the “yard” (aka grassy area in front of or behind the apartment building) and hang out. Dom pulls grass out of the ground and I make grass whistles, and it’s generally a good time.

Sitting baby

Sitting baby

Oh, and new Dominic laugh-trigger: say “mama’s hair!” and shake hair in face like a crazy person.

Love that kid.


One thought on “Lazy rainy day

  1. I love that kid too!!!!! another great post! keep it up! I have to agree that no day should begin before 6am….ours begins with the alarm going off at 5:30! Maybe that’s why I yawn so much at work!!!!

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