Seven Quick Takes Vol. 2


Linking up with Jen!

1. Yesterday Dominic and I went to the grocery store for “big” grocery shopping. It was the first time I’d brought Dominic with me – it only took us seven months! Of course, he’s only now able to sit in the cart, and it would’ve been a futile effort to bring him in his car seat because “big” grocery shopping means packing that cart to the full! He did great, again patiently humoring the people who wanted to talk to him, including the guy who started making animal noises at him. No greeting or conversation. Just animal noises. Sigh.

2. Inspired by the trip’s success, I came home ready to tackle any and all other projects that needed tackling…but settled for adding another seven letters to the flashcard alphabet I’m hanging in Dominic’s room. That room has been a work in progress since we moved here, and still isn’t quite finished. It’s slow going. We have several nice frames that are ready for photos and hanging, and this alphabet idea has been a loooong time coming. Only six letters left.

Taking the gradual approach to teaching the alphabet.

Taking the gradual approach to teaching the alphabet.

3. When Dominic is in a good mood, I love to solicit kisses. It’s hilarious. I usually start by making him laugh, and then proclaim, “kisses for mommy??!” If I put my cheek by his face, he opens his mouth wide and sticks out his tongue to lick my face – it’s like a dog kiss – and I narrate, “mumumumm.” This is followed by “kisses for Dominic!” and subsequent cheek kisses. He thinks it’s funny.

4. With some leftover money on his iTunes account, Paul decided to buy an e-book for Dominic. He encountered the inimitable Sandra Boynton’s “Moo Baa La La La” somewhere at the hospital and purchased the interactive version for the iPad. I’ve enjoyed it, and I know Dom will too. I realize this does nothing to curb his desire to grab/hold/slobber on all glowing pieces of technology in sight, but it was too good to pass up.

5. Yesterday I went for a run for the first time since…May, when I ran a 5K. Even though it’s been forever and it was crazy hot, I didn’t die, so, success! Today my muscles regret  it, as always, but I think it’s worth it.

6. Looking forward to seeing an old college buddy of mine this weekend, whom I haven’t seen in waayy too long. It’s going to be wonderful to see her face, catch up and introduce her to the little man. I’m not sure why it has taken her so long to make a quick trip from Colorado to Ohio (kidding, Val!) but what’s more surprising is that she hadn’t heard of the recent plans to split her home state into two. Could it happen?? The real burning question, I think is whether marijuana will also be legal in the new North Colorado.

7. Since no post is complete without a pic or two of my favorite seven-month-old, here are two of him with his Daddy, in honor of said Daddy’s THREE DAY WEEKEND!!

IMG_5466 IMG_5367

Perhaps Paul is pushing him too hard too early?

Happy Friday!


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