Seven Quick Takes Vol. 3: Friday the 13th Edition


tumblr_lwl06z0wNt1qkb1q9o1_500Today feels a little like my version of the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day. And what’s a blog for but to indulge in a little complaining sesh now and again? But, as you’ll see, it’s not all bad. I’ll start with the neg and more towards the positive, Quick Takes style…

1. When I say “today,” I’m referring to the 24-hour period that began at midnight. So my upstairs neighbors woke me up around 1 a.m. with their usual loud walking/stuff falling/possible furniture moving noises. I just lay awake thinking man, if Dominic weren’t asleep right now, I’d totally go all passive-aggressive and bang on the ceiling with a broom handle. (Don’t think I wouldn’t.) I drifted back to sleep before Dom woke up at 2:00 and didn’t get him back to sleep before 3:00. I got into bed and was trying to turn off my brain when Paul’s laptop randomly powered on. It lives in our bedroom since the “study” (catch-all room) was displaced by Dominic’s nursery. I heard it whir to life, though still closed, right after I heard the not-uncommon plaster-falling-in-the-walls noise (Hopefully not mice? Paul suggests it’s a “spritely leprechaun.”) So maybe something in the walls triggered the outlet and made the computer go on? Doesn’t matter. It started my thoughts on a train that stopped too close to Paul’s alarm at 5:30 and Dominic’s subsequent waking. Alas, little sleep was had last night.

2. Dominic has a new thing where he throws a tantrum when I try to put him down for one of his two naps every day. Today it was the morning nap. I usually rock him in my arms until he falls asleep but lately he starts crying crazy hard… and since I’m already holding him, I got nothin’. I have already started fearing that my date with a CIO destiny is drawing close, and this further confirms. I kind of tried today to let him cry, picking him up every five minutes, but the crying showed no signs of stopping and I gave up after a harrowing half hour because I simply Can Not. Any CIO attempts in the future will have to be done with Paul here for backup.

3. Cut my leg shaving. Tiny cut, bled like crazy. Worst.

4. I haven’t been to daily Mass but a handful of times since Dominic was born. Today I decided we’d go to noon Mass in order to get out of the apartment, since the weather was bad for taking a walk. Hands down the most terrible part of my terrible horrible day was being rear-ended on the way. Everyone was fine, thank goodness, but what an awful experience. Getting in a minor car accident sucks; getting in one with a baby in the car is obviously exponentially worse. I was quite shaken.

5. But silver linings abounded. After his initial cry, Dominic calmed right down and was an absolute angel while everything got sorted. We went into a nearby soup shop and Dom sat quietly while I attempted to hold onto him, write down the other driver’s info and talk on the phone with the insurance people. He was being his normal self, though, and constantly trying to grab my pen and paper off the table; if I hadn’t been doing three things at once, I might have cried at the kindness of a man who quietly stepped over to hand Dom a plastic spoon so he’d be distracted. What a simple, kind gesture.


Best baby ever

6. His good behavior continued when we finally packed it up and headed to the police station to file a report, and then went to the pediatrician’s office for a once-over. He passed with flying colors (and he weighs 20 pounds now!) so we went home for a blessedly uneventful afternoon and evening.

7. And my car doesn’t even appear to have any major damage; just some scratches. Thank you guardian angels for watching out for us!

Have a wonderful weekend! Fall is in the air!


2 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Vol. 3: Friday the 13th Edition

  1. oh my dear Melanie! You were the greatest mommy ever today! Trying to keep it all together during a very trying moment! I’m sad that you ended up at the police station (probably a very interesting experience) instead of receiving our Lord in the Eucharist! Although I am happy that your afternoon and evening were “blessedly uneventful” ! I join you in thanking your guardian angels for watching over you! And may God bless the nice soup shop owner and the nice patron that saw you in your time of need and helped out by distracting Dominic! God is good…all the time…all the time….God is good!

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