7 Quick Takes Friday vol. 4

Linking up with Jen and all the other quick takers…and Cari, who’s hosting this week.

1. It’s only 9:30 in the morning and my favorite thing has already happened today. I arose around 4:25 to attend to the child, bidding my warm, happy, cozy, snuggly, warm bed goodbye because I knew that after some half-hearted attempts to put said child back to sleep, we’d be up for the day. I was right. But! Lo, at 5:30, as we prepared to leave Dom’s room after some half-sleeping, rocking and cuddling, Paul appeared at the doorway and offered to hang out with Dom while I went back to sleep! And thus it was I got to return to my bed and experience that lovely, wondrous feeling of climbing into the temporarily cold sheets and waiting for them to warm up whilst burrowing into my pillow and falling…back….asleep… Ahh. My husband is the best.

2. There’s a reason I wax so poetical about the awesomeness of my bed, and that is the sudden arrival of winter weather. You know how it is. It’s a phenomenon that occurs whenever the weather turns chilly: the temperature drops and one’s will to leave the bed in the morning plummets accordingly. It’s soooo difficult; but that made this morning’s triumphant return that much better.

3. Okay, it’s another take about the weather. So maybe the advent of the cold wasn’t all that sudden, but when I got  up yesterday and saw snow chilling on every surface outside, I was quite surprised. Then I experienced something I’d never seen before: a snow thunderstorm. There was snow falling and thunder and lightning at the same time. (You needed that explanation, yes?) Weird! Although sometimes during the day it seemed to be raining snow… so maybe that explains it. It was some super gross stuff. (Oh my gosh I just wrote and entire take and a half about the weather. I’m sorry.)

4. More fun: yesterday Paul and I had some church friends over for dinner. One of our parish priests, Fr. Patrick, enjoys coaxing smiles out of Dominic and presented us with my new favorite version of “This Little Piggy,” which went something like this:

This little piggy went to market.
This little piggy stayed home.
This little piggy had pizza.
This little piggy went to the West Side Market.
And this little piggy went ‘wee wee wee,’ all the way home.

Nailed it.

5. No post is complete without the obligatory Dom photo:


This was one of the many we took for his 9-month photo shoot but it didn’t make the Facebook cut. Ridiculous, I know. Today we went mall-walking in honor of the crappy weather. Dominic definitely prefers outside-walking. We did visit the toy store and he probably would’ve enjoyed that except that when we walked in, I spotted a stuffed-animal display. These were clearly toys that walked and barked on their own when you pushed a button so I strolled Dominic up to see and the pig rolled over and started singing or something – not sure, because Dom FLIPPED out. Poor kid. I predict nightmares about toys coming alive tonight.

6. Dominic’s new favorite type of toy is anything that rattles. Paul and I, being the nice parents that we are, dutifully bought him some nice plastic rattle-y blocks. Dominic, being the typical child that he is, infinitely prefers bottles of pills to any rattling toy. It’s really embarrassing when visitors notice the baby rolling around in his walker, gleefully shaking a Motrin bottle. Just sign us up for best parents award. But Dominic is nothing if not consistent: mama’s keys are way more fun than his plastic set, and the TV remote is way more fun than…anything else.

7. Not sure if you’ve seen this, but let me just share my unasked-for thoughts as a mom. Besides being mildly creeped out by this for a reason I can’t quite place, my main thought was, “how the HECK does her kid sleep that good??” I’m the mom who knows where all the creaky spots are on the bedroom floor and hops over them as I leave my perilously slumbering child, who doesn’t sleep anywhere other than in his crib.  So I’m probably just jealous.

Happy weekend!


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