7 Quick Takes Vol. 5: Ultrasound Edition


1. Last week we had our 18-week ultrasound wherein baby got the head-to-toe and we counted fingers, etc. (I think Dominic’s big ultrasound was at 20 weeks, but whatever. Due dates are totally bogus anyway.) I gotta say, this kid’s looking pretty good already.


2. We opted not to find out if baby is he or she just yet. Anyway, Paul and I looked away when told; Dominic did what he wanted. So if you want to know real bad, you can try to get the 20-month-old to tell you.

3. Usually the 3D photos creep me out; a little too alien looking for me. Not sure if it’s just a second-time-around thing or what, but I kind of like this one. Look at that cute snuggly baby!


Ready for my close-up

 4. Toes! Both of my children were very stingy with showing one of their feet to the ultrasound tech. Makes things a little uncomfortable for mom, kiddo. I just had to question whether jiggling my belly with the magical ultrasound wand really gets babies to change position. It really seemed like baby was getting more stubborn as time went on.


5. So, as stated, we brought Dominic with us to this appointment. He did wonderfully (for a 20-month-old) and seemed delightfully oblivious to the significance of what was going on on the screen. Crazy moment: listening to Dominic use his new words and speak his unintelligible language while I watched his sibling squirm around on the screen. I told Paul later that it seems I’ll never stop being amazed at Dom’s development and growth. It gets more and more fun as he grows, learns new skills and tests out his power of speech. Yet here on the screen was another, whole new person who would develop in his or her own way (and is currently doing so at an amazing rate). And soon, he or she will burst onto the scene and we’ll have TWO people who will blow our minds daily. It’s hard to describe the feeling I had in that room.

6.  We’ve sort of nicknamed the baby “New Baby” for now. That’s how Dom knows him/her. (For the record, Dominic was “Peanut.”) I love asking him where New Baby is. He usually points to my tummy and says “inside” but every so often points to himself or at my shoulder. Sooo, working on it. Suggestions for age-appropriate pictures books explaining the “new big brother” thing appreciated.

7. Also, calling baby New Baby makes me think of this sketch (about 2:05 but the whole thing is good).

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2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Vol. 5: Ultrasound Edition

  1. My son was 3 yrs 4 mos when his sister was born. He was also language delayed (now we know it was autism). We weren’t sure what he understood and what he didn’t but he wanted to part of stories about babies or anything we tried to do to get him ready for the interloper. When she showed up I was afraid I’d have a problem on my hands because he was so close to me, but he ended up totally smitten.

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