7 Quick Takes Vol. 6


1. Ahhh, vacation block. The most wonderful (two) time(s) of the year. Med-peds residents at UH get two 2-week blocks of vacation every year and we’re into the second half of one of ours now. It’s a staycation for us this year but there has been plenty to keep us busy… and this is probably the last time we’ll have quality time as a family of three in this here apartment. So get ready for a photo-heavy, content-light vacation (thus far) recap post!

2. We’ve had a trip to the Natural History Museum…


3. …a visit on free day to Holden Arboretum…

 IMG_6023 IMG_6024 IMG_6027IMG_6032

4. …a walk in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens….


5. …quality time watching playoff baseball…


6. …our third anniversary! View my thoughts on our second one here; this year’s sentiments are basically the same plus one year and one in-utero baby. Thanks to Paul’s mom and brother, who babysat for us, we were able to go see Les Miserables at Playhouse! It was fantastic.


World’s largest outdoor chandelier. #Clevelandpride.

7. Also, technically this came before vacation started, but I was proud of Paul for running in Cleveland’s Color Run. It was a cold morning but it looked fun. (The tagline is “the happiest 5K on the planet” sooo…) He didn’t have much time for training but still kicked the race’s butt and wore his (mostly pink and purple) colors proudly.

Dom was overwhelmed by the atmosphere

Dom was overwhelmed by the atmosphere


Head over to Jen’s for more 7QT and party on!


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