Five Favorites (Vol 1!)

Yay! First time five-favorite-er here. I’m excited to share five random faves with the masses. Linking up with Jenna at Call Her Happy. ONE Aquaphor Healing Ointment Because the weather has taken a decidedly wintry turn, and tis the season for cracked knuckles and dry dry dry skin. I only use this on my hands, […]

Respecting the Rights of Women

I saw this story on the front page of Google News this morning: Sterilization Drive Leaves 8 Indian Women Dead … A total of 83 women, all poor villagers under the age of 32, had the operations Saturday in a hospital outside Bilaspur city in the central state of Chhattisgarh. All 83 surgeries were conducted […]

Up, Down, Across

My kiddo is obsessed with elevators. We cannot walk past one without many excited exclamations. He also can’t pronounce it at all, and it comes out sounding kind of French, like “el-eh-bel-UR.” Only all smooshed together. Elebleur. We refer to Target as the elevator store. I’m pretty sure the main reason he likes going to […]