Up, Down, Across

My kiddo is obsessed with elevators.

We cannot walk past one without many excited exclamations. He also can’t pronounce it at all, and it comes out sounding kind of French, like “el-eh-bel-UR.” Only all smooshed together. Elebleur.

We refer to Target as the elevator store. I’m pretty sure the main reason he likes going to the library is the elevator. HEAVEN FORBID we walk past an elevator and NOT RIDE ON IT.

When one of our pieces of technology makes the “new mail” ding, Dom cries “ELEVATOR!” or “elevator DING!”  If you accidentally clink glassware together…yep.

Oddly, he won’t walk onto an elevator himself once the door opens. We have to hold him. He has a strange reverence and awe in the face of the elevator.

The other day I was cuddling with him on the rocking chair after an uncharacteristic early waking from his nap. I think he was sleeping, or partially sleeping, when he started talking. One of the things he said was “elevator.” Paul recalls being out walking with Dom when he stopped and pointed to the screened-in porch of one house and, obviously reminded of his favorite transportation device, started yelling “elevator!!” over and over.

It’s safe to say he likes them.

So we searched the library system for a book on elevators and ordered Up Down Across.When I picked it up off the hold shelf, I almost returned it right away because it was clearly not a fun children’s book like we thought. I ended up bringing it home anyway, and Dom has had a ball looking at the six full-page pictures in the book that show…elevators. Can anything be more boring than a photograph of an elevator?? One of them is literally a color photo of fake wood paneling. He still gets excited when he sees it.

IMG_20141105_125157_639Oh kiddo. You never fail to make us laugh.


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