Five Favorites (Vol 1!)

Yay! First time five-favorite-er here. I’m excited to share five random faves with the masses. Linking up with Jenna at Call Her Happy.


downloadAquaphor Healing Ointment

Because the weather has taken a decidedly wintry turn, and tis the season for cracked knuckles and dry dry dry skin. I only use this on my hands, and usually only right before bed because it is kind of thick and greasy, but the results are so magical. (Only last winter did my husband share with me that he learned in med school that there are differences and gradations of what I only ever called “lotion.” Apparently lotion is the worst in terms of actually fixing dry skin, cream is better and ointment is the best. This stuff is the best.)


The Piano Guys

This cello/piano duo + production team creates mash-ups of pop hits and classical pieces. They began as a YouTube sensation and now tour and do crazy things like film themselves playing music on the Great Wall of China. We saw them live when they came to Cleveland, and they’re very entertaining. The main reason they’ve been favorited, however, is because Dominic LOVES them. He loves watching their videos (on the ‘Tube or on the six-song DVD that accompanies their albums) and he loves listening to them – and he now refers to all classical music as “plan-o guise.” That means we bought their CD and I get a break from mind-numbing VeggieTales Silly Songs or Sesame Street in the car. WIN.



Glory Days in Tribe Town by Terry Pluto and Tom Hamilton

Okay, so I haven’t read this yet but we just received our free copy in the mail because Paul is in this book! It has several sections containing the fans’ memories of the Indians’ glory days, and Paul wrote in and made it! He’s on page 85. Fame and fortune, here we come.


download (1)


This was one of my birthday treats, made by Paul’s sister and mom. There was a lot left over, so I’ve been, uh, eating it every day since then. I am NOT even tired of it. Just sad it’s almost gone. Based on some enthusiastic kicking, New Baby gives it two thumbs up.




Is it cheating to put him as a favorite? Just trying to be positive here! Dominic clearly loves his dad. We had a nice stretch of Paul home on vacation and working easy rotations, and now that he’s gone a lot again, Dom has been missing him. He’s probably struggling with a lot of things, I think, like having to wear boots anytime we go anywhere, teething (maybe?) and a serious lack of outside playtime. But it’s so clear that he also just misses his dad, and is so happy when he’s around. I love that he loves his dada.



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