Nesting, nesting, 1,2,3…

"N is forrr..." "Eggs!" Nailed it.

“N is forrr…”
Nailed it.

I’ve been nesting hardcore around here lately. Now that the busyness of the holidays is over, I’ve suddenly realized that the next big event is… baby! And that occurs in approximately a month.

Sooo, it’s go time.

We have to do ALL THE THINGS: clean, move furniture, organize, find all the baby stuff that we stashed after Dom left the infant stage, order everything from Amazon so it gets here in time…

But in reality, there’s not that much to do. We do have some fairly serious furniture-moving ahead of us. After the “study” officially became Dom’s room, the desk and printer and small filing cabinet and Rubbermaid drawers full of random stuff moved into our bedroom…and since New Baby will be inhabiting our room for the time being, the “office” stuff needs to find a new home. (Likely, the kitchen? Because in our weirdo apartment that’s actually quite spacious.)

But speaking of New Baby inhabiting our room…that is a temporary set-up, girl scout’s honor. I did NOT enjoy having Dom share our room for the few months that he did. And since he only moved one room over and still shares a wall with us, it wasn’t a huge deal for me to kick him out. But it’s going to get real cramped up in here, real fast. So as soon as the lease allows (June) we hope to move into another, larger rental space. Like, a house.

The possibility of moving in four or five months is kind of cramping my nesting style. I’m not nesting in a sentimental and homey way; I’m nesting in a primal, organizationally-focused frenzy: Christmas stuff OUT, random crap thrown everywhere SORTED, unnecessary things PITCHED/DONATED…don’t get in my way, y’all.

Yesterday I tackled the organization of Dominic’s closet. Because we have minimal storage space, his closet became a catch-all, and throughout the last two years it has also become littered with outgrown clothes sorted by size in plastic bags. A big accomplishment was cleaning out the HUGE Rubbermaid tub filled with very old stuff from the past that takes up a lot of space in the closet. It mainly holds “desk stuff” from when Paul and I had our own desks…we’re talking college-aged stuff. Now the tub holds Dom’s outgrown clothes which freed up a lot of closet space and helped me find stashed baby items like all the pieces of the pack-n-play, the boppy, a bunch of baby bottles, etc. Unfortunately, even the most frenzied clean-out rampage doesn’t kill off my pack-rat tendencies, so there’s a small cardboard box of residue from that tub sitting on…the dining room table. Fate TBD.

Mostly, I realize the urgency of “nesting” (namely organizing and cleaning) is based on the belief that there’s no time or energy to accomplish these things once the baby comes and that I’m desperately going to NEED these things to be done by that day. It’s helped me to realize how much I’m projecting my experience of the postpartum days with Dominic onto these forthcoming ones. They passed in such a fog of sleeplessness and anxiousness combined with a painful haze of nursing problems for two and a half months. There was lots of stress and scary snow-laden trips to the pediatrician and lactation consultant. And while I’m not guaranteed anything better (especially with the snow) I also believe we’re going to do better this time.

Brand-spankin' new baby. Clueless mom.

Brand-spankin’ new baby.
Clueless mom.

New babies are hard regardless, and every time I crawl into bed and think about not getting up until the real, post-6 a.m. morning comes, I know I have a rude awakening on the horizon. But at least this time I know how low to set my expectations; I have a better idea of what postpartum days with a newborn look like; I’m optimistic about how nursing is going to go this time around; and I have seen the reality of the phrase “this too shall pass.” Even if not for many, many months.

So. This kind of nesting feels good because I love checking stuff off my to-do list. I’m storing up that good feeling for those days when the to-do list never gets written, let alone accomplished. And I’m setting the bar for all of us reeeaaal low. If you’d like to pray for us, we’d love it. And please be kind enough to let me forget I wrote all of this as I weep over cold coffee in a sleep-deprived stupor 😉


One thought on “Nesting, nesting, 1,2,3…

  1. Your insights are right on! You are going into this next chapter a little wiser from all you experienced with Dominic! It is so amazing how God teaches us through difficulties and with great Love! We are excited for you, Paul and Dominic! Can’t wait to meet “new baby”!

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