7 Quick Takes Vol. 8: Dom Edition


It’s his second birthday! And because I’m getting all nostalgic about how our time as a three-person, one-kid family is dwindling, I’ll devote an entire quick takes post to the one and only Dom Paul. Please visit Kelly for more takes!

Dom 2nd birthday

s  See that first birthday pic? I still sense a lack of comprehension about the second birthday.

1. So today IS his actual birthday but we’re not actually celebrating with family and friends until Sunday. Unfortunately the only thing to distinguish today from any other day was a trip to the pediatrician for the two-year checkup and a shot. 😦 I kind of feel like the worst mom ever for scheduling this appointment for today. But he doesn’t really get it!! Paul keeps asking what we’re going to to do make today special and I’m all, “ehhh, he doesn’t really get it…” But I did put up a happy birthday banner and there will be a present and a doughnut after dinner tonight when dad’s home.

2. Stats: 28 lbs. 2 oz; 34.5 inches, which is about average for a two-year-old. I still marvel at how he’s riiiidin’ that 50th percentile after starting out at NINE POUNDS. Not even bitter.

5-month-old TANK

5-month-old TANK

3. Favorite foods: all fruits, raisins, Kraft macaroni and cheese (aka crack n’ cheese), honey nut Cheerios, bread-hummus.

4. Saying lately: Things he really wants to eat are “for dinner”: “Cookies for dinner?” “Juice for dinner?” “Pancakes for dinner?” Also, when playing, he likes when you make a character say, “helloooo, Dominic!” His own name is “Don-nick.” He knows mama, dada, gamma, gampa, and all his aunts and uncles. (He struggles most with Maria [“mai-a”] and Anna [“aunt nanna”]) Potty=plobby; puddle=plubble; moon=moont. He loves his Mary and Joseph figurines from his nativity set and asks for them by name: “may-ee” and “she-foof.” Still loves the Piano Guys: “ploh guise.” Sings “batmaaan” when prompted with “na-na, na-na, na-na.” Sings ABCs; Silver Bells; You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch; Pizza Angel; Let It Go; Thomas the Tank Engine Theme Song.

5. He identifies numbers up to 20 and all his letters. He knows colors and animals and what sounds the animals and different vehicles make. Very much into all things car/truck/train. Favorite show is Curious George, but still into Sesame Street, Veggie Tales and the occasional Thomas. Favorite books include The Elevator Man; Goodnight Moon; Faster, Faster; Big Red Barn.


6. Gosh, I just love this kid. He’ll hug me and say “I lahve yeww.” He’ll randomly quote lines from his favorite books and you have to listen really hard a bunch of times before you figure out what he’s saying. He loves looking at himself in the selfie camera and watching home videos of himself. (“Watch babies?”) He’s slooowly getting over his fear of wearing boots and walking on snow-covered ground. He’s going to IMG_5578have his world rocked when his baby sibling is born. He loves pushing buttons and still (STILL) loves the elevator. He LOVES dada: when he hears Paul’s key turn in the lock he stops what he’s doing and shouts “DADAAA!” He likes Superman, Spider-man and Batman and has no idea who they are.

7. We love you, Dominic! Can’t wait to watch you grow up more every day and into your role as a big brother.



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