Introducing: Rosemary Therese

Soon after her two-month checkup seemed like a good time to introduce Rosemary Therese to the Internet. We’re just riding the new royal baby‘s popularity wave.

Hello, world!

Hello, world!

So. The deets: Rosemary arrived on the evening of February 26th at 41 weeks. I had been freaking out a little bit about whether or not she’d decide to come on her own and was dreading the thought of an induction. When Thursday the 26th arrived, I started the day feeling “weird” but totally convinced myself I wasn’t in labor because I didn’t want to be disappointed. (That was a mistake.) I went through the day pretending I wasn’t having contractions and even went to adoration for half an hour with contractions coming 20 minutes apart.

More interested in watching Finding Nemo in mom's hospital room than in the new sibling

More interested in watching Finding Nemo in mom’s hospital room than in the new sibling

We got to the hospital around 7:00 p.m. and she was born around 7:45. I was writhing in triage purgatory when I told Paul I needed to push and surprised the poor intern who came in to check me and discovered I wasn’t kidding. After a quick wheely-bed ride down the hall to L&D, some tears, some hospital-staff-scrambling and about 10 minutes of pushing, Rosemary made her debut. I got to hear Paul say “hi Rosemary!” first, which is when I found out she was indeed a lady baby. I cried a lot. I felt awesome to be done and not pregnant. We made it to our room in time to catch the end of the Cavs game.

Dominic has been adjusting better than I expected. He mostly ignores her, tends to yell loudly when she cries and acknowledges her presence by walking up to her and putting his face as close to her as he can. As time has gone on, he’s started offering her various different things (toy car, potato chip) and stating “Baby Rosemary likes the [thing].” It’s pretty cute.


She was baptized on Palm Sunday, March 29th and her godparents are Paul’s sister Maria and her husband Mike.

Action shot

Action shot

We’ve been adjusting pretty well, I think. Compared to my first child, this one has been muuuuch easier. I’m sure it’s a combination of her personality, our expectations, our chilled-out-ness the second time around and her superpower, which is sleeping long stretches at night. And wine. Definitely wine.

And wine. Definitely wine.

First postpartum bottle, baby.

Now for the photo dump, an exercise in blogging self-restraint considering I have 10 weeks worth of photos on my phone.

Family photo: nailed it

Family photo: nailed it


She makes this face a lot

PicMonkey Collage2

Totally fine


The sleep smile. I can’t even.




Welcome, baby! We’re so glad you’re here.




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