7 Quick Takes Vol. 9: Retroactively Motherhood-Themed


Time for another 7QT Friday! Hop over to Kelly’s for more! These are sort of themed around motherhood (or my kids, who made me a mother) even though Mother’s Day was last week. Not even a big deal.

1. Mother’s Day weekend was great even though Paul was working for a lot of it. I spent Saturday with my mom and we were able to see Paul’s mom on Sunday.


Dom was having way too much fun to be in this photo.

2. I can’t believe it’s my third Mother’s Day (with extra-utero babies). I feel like I’m very much a different person than I was before I had kids, although this person is very much more of who I’m supposed to be. This idea deserves its own post but this article sums up all of the feels VERY well. Haley took the thoughts right out of my muddled, sleep-deprived, stream-of-consciousness brain (and said them in a beautiful, articulate way).

3. In other baby news, we recently acquired a new baby bouncer courtesy of Baby Bjorn and Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. Apparently Rainbow has a partnership with Baby Bjorn and will sometimes give them a bunch of free stuff for their pediatricians to test. So Paul brought home one of these and I think it’s hilarious. Observe:


She just kind of looks like she’s lying on a straight board. It’s SO UGLY and reminds me of something you’d see on a show set in the future; when we’re all living in space, these will be the bouncers our astronaut children use.

But, yay free stuff!

4. Dominic. He keeps growing super fast and saying random stuff and driving me crazy and being ridiculously awesome. His new favorite thing is the movie Cars and boy does he love playing with his own cars.

can't stop won't stop

can’t stop won’t stop

5. Dominic also helped me learn something new when he drew allll over the couch cushions with a pen (that I gave him, so I’m not even mad because seriously, lady? What did you think would happen?) I used the vinegar method found on good old-fashioned WikiHow and it totally worked.

Mismatched PJs courtesy of Dada ;)

Mismatched PJs courtesy of Dada 😉

6. When motherhood was still new to me I was shocked and horrified by the mommy wars. I loved this post from Kendra: Opting Out of Mommy Angst in 3 Easy Steps. Because srsly. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

7. Related to #5: I don’t know how moms did it before Google. I use The Google frequently in my parenting adventures.

Happy retroactive Mother’s Day!


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