7 Quick Takes Vol. 10: #CWBNohio


Time to talk about the Catholic Women Blogging Network Ohio Conference in seven short(ish) takes! Visit Kelly for more!

1. “What is the Catholic Women Blogging Network?” I hear you ask yourself. It’s as awesome as it sounds. The CWBN has regional groups all over the country and I was able to attend the Ohio conference because it was happening only an hour-ish south of me and because my wonderful parents wrangled my two-year-old for the day.

2. On Saturday the 23rd (and for some, also Friday the 22nd) about 20 bloggers gathered on the campus of Walsh University to converse, commune and learn from each other. I set off with my travel buddy:IMG_20150518_133549_046

and we had a blessedly uneventful journey both ways.

3. It was so lovely to meet such a diverse group of women, all at different stages in life and blogging! “But Melanie,” I hear you asking yourself again, “you blog so sporadically and about such random things. Are you even a real blogger?” Never fear, hypothetical reader, the CWBN is graciously not picky. I was able to come and glean wisdom from everybody. My goal was to be inspired and get some momentum going by listening and learning. And, being the nice Catholic ladies they are, nobody judged me.

4. Our wonderful hostesses, Melody and Brooke, took great care of us. Taylor Tripodi led us in beautiful praise and worship. Jimmy John’s kept us from getting hangry. Melody’s daughters (and the other attendees) lent me willing arms so I could use both hands and sit down a lot. And we had great talks all day long about EXCELLENT topics. I highly recommend Melody’s recap post for a wonderful summary of what we heard.

t-shirts are my love language

t-shirts are my love language

5. I took about zero photos the entire day (blogger fail), and only some scattered notes, but the things we talked about will stick with me for a long time: things like using our voices to be a leader and the responsibility that comes with that; what evangelizing through media looks like; the importance of passion; the practical side of making some dough through writing; and the illusion of balance.

6. I think what struck me the most at this point in my life and blogging journey was the main point from Colleen’s talk. Colleen is mom who makes blogging her part-time job and her talk was “Finding Balance and Beauty in Chaos.” I had the least amount of focus on this talk because my baby was getting antsy, but what I heard I really loved. She said the idea of balance in our lives is kind of fake… because no one can possibly “do it all.” When we’re doing one thing, we’re not doing another. So our job is to make peace with the things we’ve chosen to do, and the priority we’ve chosen to place on them. It was really encouraging to me.

7. I’m so grateful to Melody and Brooke and all the ladies who came for such an inspiring day. There are tons of great ideas I’m looking forward to implementing as I move forward and create in this space. Thanks for coming along for the ride and have a faaabulous weekend!


One thought on “7 Quick Takes Vol. 10: #CWBNohio

  1. Nicely done! 🙂 oh, and you have awesome parents! aannndddd, there was absolutely no wrangling with Dominic! He was the bomb that day! 🙂 ~~ Love ya! Mom XOXO

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