Slivers of Grace

It started last night. Paul and I were having our chill time in the evening and he mentioned that “tomorrow’s the feast of the Transfiguration.” One of my favorites.

“I’m always surprised it’s not a holy day of obligation,” I said.

“Sure, but you can still go to Mass.” It was a simple statement, but I immediately thought about the circus that is taking both kids to Mass on Sundays when Paul is working and has to go at a different time. I quickly dismissed the idea of going to a daily Mass. There were nap schedules and lunch to think of. But the seed was planted.

This morning Dominic starting talking about going to church. “It’s time to get dressed for the day!” I announced like usual. “THEN go to church,” he said. Hmm. I was planning on a quick grocery trip, so I let it pass. However, he mentioned going to church at least two more times, so finally I told him we could go after lunch. There’s at 12:10 Mass close by. Rosemary woke up from her nap around 10:45. It would be stretching her to wait until after Mass for her next nap, but I decided to roll with it. I couldn’t tell Dom no!

In short, we made it work. We ended up at church about 25 minutes before the start, which anyone with small wiggly children knows is not a small deal, but Dominic was a champ. I had to focus most of my attention on Rosemary as she got sleepier and thus crankier, but Dom didn’t skip a beat. He chilled in his pew and ate his pretzels, making observations in his normal voice despite repeated requests to whisper.

After communion I was overcome with gratitude that God drew me to Mass today through the simple urging of my toddler. While I originally felt bummed I couldn’t do something for me – go to Mass on a special feast – God made it clear he had invited me and was clearing the path to help me move forward because he wanted me to be there. Oh how I needed that grace breaking into my daily routine.

Lord, it is good that we are here.



2 thoughts on “Slivers of Grace

  1. Melly, Wow, slivers of grace a couple times over this week! Dominic leading you to Mass, and Dominic figuring out that Rosemary is in fact a person who responds to him (even if just through laughter right now)! Those are God moments and the fact that you recognize God in these happenings and are open to His promptings is so beautiful! God is so good! You and Paul are the real heroes! Love you! Mom

    • Did not know you had blog but this one really hit home. Happens to me all the time but nice to know someone else is being nudged and realizes it. Never ceases to amazes me…God’s mysterious yet blatant ways.

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