Favorite Spiritual Rereads

I used to read all the time. I was always reading a book, and while I still usually am, it’s not unusual for months to go by in between two pages. Despite my literary lethargy, there are still books I come back to again and again when I have a rare bit of reading time. […]

New Year

It’s the new year. Hooray! Happy 2016. I have a #wordoftheyear this year. The main reason I feel I’m supposed to have one is because 1) I wasn’t planning on choosing one; 2) I didn’t think hard about it; and 3) It came to me in the shower. That’s how you know, you know? Not […]

Why I Will Keep Posting the CMP Videos

The recently revealed videos from the Center for Medical Progress, detailing the gruesome practice of obtaining and selling the body parts of aborted babies, have been making the rounds on my social media. I’ve been sharing the videos on my own (recently resurrected) Facebook page although I haven’t really been using that platform for much […]

Slivers of Grace

It started last night. Paul and I were having our chill time in the evening and he mentioned that “tomorrow’s the feast of the Transfiguration.” One of my favorites. “I’m always surprised it’s not a holy day of obligation,” I said. “Sure, but you can still go to Mass.” It was a simple statement, but […]

Answer Me This: Book-Sniffers Unite

Linking up with Kendra, because link-ups are my BFF 4-E AND ALWAYS. Jumping right in… 1. Any big plans for the summer? Unpacking. I know it’s going to take a long time, and I’m also overwhelmed at the thought of having a whole house to decorate. I know it’s all about giving it time, “quieting the […]

Send Me on My Way

Please sing this song, prominently featured in Ice Age, while you read this post. (woah, tangent: music video is delightfully weird) Ahem. Guys, we are deep in the throes of PACKING. Hardcore. And feeling all the feels that come with packing up all your earthly belongings in cardboard. The other night I had to apologize […]

7 Quick Takes Vol. 9: Retroactively Motherhood-Themed

Time for another 7QT Friday! Hop over to Kelly’s for more! These are sort of themed around motherhood (or my kids, who made me a mother) even though Mother’s Day was last week. Not even a big deal. 1. Mother’s Day weekend was great even though Paul was working for a lot of it. I spent Saturday […]