Slivers of Grace

It started last night. Paul and I were having our chill time in the evening and he mentioned that “tomorrow’s the feast of the Transfiguration.” One of my favorites. “I’m always surprised it’s not a holy day of obligation,” I said. “Sure, but you can still go to Mass.” It was a simple statement, but […]

7 Quick Takes Vol. 9: Retroactively Motherhood-Themed

Time for another 7QT Friday! Hop over to Kelly’s for more! These are sort of themed around motherhood (or my kids, who made me a mother) even though Mother’s Day was last week. Not even a big deal. 1. Mother’s Day weekend was great even though Paul was working for a lot of it. I spent Saturday […]

Up, Down, Across

My kiddo is obsessed with elevators. We cannot walk past one without many excited exclamations. He also can’t pronounce it at all, and it comes out sounding kind of French, like “el-eh-bel-UR.” Only all smooshed together. Elebleur. We refer to Target as the elevator store. I’m pretty sure the main reason he likes going to […]